Frequently asked questiones

A: It depends on your heating system. If you are unsure, email us pictures of your fuse box and we will help you!

  • Electric radiators – These come in different versions:
    • 1-phase radiators (230 V) – You have one single fuse for each radiator or group of radiators. Check the number of fuses in your fuse box.
    • 2-phase radiators (380 – 400 V) – You have two fuses connected to the radiators and for perfect monitoring and control you need two Tempiro Smart Fuses for each group of radiators. It is common practice that three fuses are connected to a larger group of radiators – then you need three Smart Fuses.
  • Electric heat boiler (hydronic heating system) – You normally need three fuses as this is a three-phase device.
  • Heat pumps – Smaller heat pumps are connected to a single fuse while more powerful units are connected to three fuses. Check your fuse box to be sure.

A: Basically, any type of electric heating can be turned on and off through the fuses. Radiators, convectors, floor heating, infrared heating panels, convector heating and underfloor heating can be perfectly controlled through our app!
For air sourced heat pumps, you need to be sure the heat pump can automatically be turned on again after a power cut.
We currently do not recommend Tempiro temperature control for ground sourced and hydronic heat pumps. However you can use the Tempiro Smart Fuse to monitor how much electricity these devices use and to remotely turn them on and off – just make sure that the heat pump turns back on after a power cut.

A: Tempiro offers special features for controlling heating but you can use Tempiro Smart Fuse to control any kind of equipment such as kitchen appliances, lights, ventilation, electric boilers, among many others. You can also cut power to a selected phase remotely, allowing you to e.g. switch off all appliances connected to that phase.

A: The smart fuses will monitor electricity usage and how much electricity is currently going through your fuses. Visualizing this information will help you to better control your energy use, which will allow your to reduce your electricity cost!
If a fuse is tripped and power disappears, our app will notify you. This will help you take suitable action to safeguard heating and potentially avoiding expensive damages.
Our temperature sensor will monitor the temperature in your house and alert you if it drops below desired level, also protecting the well-being of your house.

A: Just by scheduling your temperature in order to keep the temperature low when you are not at home or while you are sleeping, you can save 10% of your heating costs.
Tempiro will also incorporate further smart heating features in the Tempiro App which will enable you to heat your house when the price of electricity is lower (depending on your country of residence and electricity contract). This can further reduce your bill by 10 – 20%.

A: Yes, you can! We offer a 3G USB modem for our gateway as an option. It costs €35 extra. Then you also need a 3G subscription, which you can either purchase yourself or you can get from us for only €5/month (Scandinavia only).

A: The gateway will keep operating with the last settings received, set temperature will be held. But obviously remote control will cease to work if the connection is lost.

A: The Tempiro Smart Fuse fits the D-type DII (Diazed) fuses. It fits all fuses of this sort rated up to 25 A, but our device is rated for max 16 A so do not install it on 20 A or 25 A fuses unless you are sure your peak load is max 16 A.

A: If your fuse box (consumer unit) only contain miniature circuit breaker, you cannot install Tempiro’s Smart Fuse there. In e.g. Sweden and Finland the three main fuses of the house are still of Diazed type.

A: We know that our smart fuses work in the following country: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. They would work as long as you still have the old standard ceramic diazed fuses descripted above.
It might be possible that they also work in other countries that have not being mentioned before.
In Denmark a smaller fuse version called Neozed (D0) is used. We do not support this version yet.
If you are unsure if Tempiro will work for you, take a picture of your fuse box (consumer unit) and email it to We’d love to help you!
Of course we will reimburse your order if it turns out that Tempiro doesn’t work with the type of fuses you have at home.

A: Unfortunately, the Tempiro Smart Fuse is not compatible with the type of fuses used in those countries. But you can still support us by purchasing other perks such as the Zigbee Smoke Detector!

A: The Tempiro solution is completely wireless, enabling a quick and easy installation. The standard range of the radio we are using is 20 meters indoors. Nevertheless this depends on the type of construction: reinforced concrete limits the range while a house made of wood and plaster offer longer range. We suggest that the gateway is placed close to the fuse box, keeping the temperature sensor within 10 – 20 meters from the gateway.

A: Tempiro fits into your existing fuse box as long as you have a traditional fuse box of Central European and Scandinavian type ( the so-called diazed fuse box type DII). These are common in houses built until the 90’s. If you live in this part of the world and have a fuse box where you replace tripped fuses, it is a fit!

A: Tempiro is easy to install by yourself, as easy as changing a fuse. No need for an electrician.

A: Tempiro will support all current versions of iOS and common Android versions. We are currently not launching any app for Windows Phone.

A: You can download our app to any number of phones without any cost. You use the same account on every phone connected to the same system.

A: If you like to just purchase just the Tempiro Smart Fuse you can use it with any smart home gateway that supports Zigbee Homeautomation HA 1.2 e.g. Samsung SmartThings. The Smart Fuse will appear as a Zigbee Smart Plug to your home automation system.