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Our solution makes your home smarter, more comfortable and more energy efficient

Tempiro’s solution has been developed within the E.ON agile business accelerator 2016. Our patent pending product aims to control electric devices that are connected through the smart fuses that we have developed, a world-changing innovation that can make your home smarter, more comfortable and more energy efficient.

About Us

Tempiro is a solution based on a patent application to control devices via fuses, a unique innovation that can easily make your home smarter, more comfortable and more energy efficient.

Our innovation was developed within the E. On company Accelerator 2016.
In autumn 2016 Tempiro was nominated as a finalist in the Embedded Systems Awards and a few months later the company was selected to be part of the incubator program at MINC in Malmö. In addition, the company was part of the Climate-KIC Nordic Accelerator Programme.
In May 2017, Tempiro participated and won an international competition, the IoT for Greener Cities Challenge, which is organized by the Forum of Young Global Leaders in collaboration with the Global energy company Engie. The aim is to promote smart innovations for energy saving based on the use of data and the Internet of Things.
In November 2017 we conducted a crowdfunding campaign on the platform IndieGoGo, then we reached 115 of our goal and our system was pre-ordered by 56 customers.

Tempiro was the finalist in the Entrepreneurial competition Swedbank Rivstart 2018 and won 200 000 kr.

Since autumn 2017, Tempiro is part of Ideon Innovation in Lund.

Tempiros Smart fuses are funded and supported among others by the Swedish Energy Agency, Vinnova and Almi.
Tempiro has also received funding through participation in the EU-funded Climate-KIC program.

Registered Business address

Tempiro AB

Magnus Lindström

Wedding aisle 5

224 80 Lund

Org.nr: 559094-8088

Tempiros first batch was launched on the market in October 2018. So far, the company has sold smart fuses to hundreds of customers.

Magnus Lindström, who founded the company, has extensive experience from the energy industry and has been working for the last 10 years to build smart energy solutions and smart connected devices for the home.