Frequently asked questions

If you have trouble adding a fuse with the app, you can press the fuse button 6 times to do a factory reset. Then try to add it again.

The fuse battery may need to be charged in some cases (battery replacement may be required for older fuses). Tempiro’s latest model of Smart Fuse recharges itself when plugged into the fuse box, but if nothing has been connected to the fuse for a long time or if the fuse has blown, it may need to be recharged via a USB connector.

If you are having trouble adding a Smart Switch (PSM-DIN) with the app, try adding it without the antenna mounted in the first place.

The Smart Switch can be factory reset by cutting power to it, holding the button, turning on the power and holding the button for at least 20 seconds.

A: It is always possible to control elements with the Tempiro solution. If you are unsure, send us a picture of your fuse box and one of your elements and we can advise you. When you control your electric heating with Tempiro’s thermostat combined with our Smart Fuses or Smart Switches, the system controls by periodically turning the heat on and off on the different elements. This is done by cutting the power to the elements for a period of time, the temperature drops, then the power is turned on and the temperature rises, so the temperature oscillates +/- 1 degree around the set temperature. You set the desired temperature with the Tempiro app.

With the Tempiro app, you can also choose to control your heating by hourly rates. This lowers the temperature in the home when the price of electricity is high and raises the temperature when the price is low.

  • Electric radiators – 2-phase elements (380 – 400 V):
  • Electric radiators – 1-phase element (230 V):
    • 1-phase elements: There is normally one fuse for each radiator. You need as many Tempiro units as you have elements. Check the number of fuses in your fuse box.
    • The elements can also be connected to electrical outlets and then you can control the elements with Tempiro’s Smart Plug for electrical outlets.
    • It is also possible to control the elements with Smart Switches if you have automatic fuses. Electrical installation by an electrician is then needed.
    • Choose your package here depending on the number and type of fuses:
  • If you have an air heat pump in combination with your radiators, you can control the air heat pump via a Smart Fuse or Smart Switch. In that case, you can add an extra Fuse or Switch with your order.

A: You can control a water heater with Tempiro’s Smart Fuses, Smart Switches or Smart Plug. With the Tempiro app, you can then schedule fixed times for the water heater to turn on and off or you can activate hourly price control.

With hourly price control, you choose how many hours per day your HVAC should be on and the system automatically selects the cheapest hours each day, but turns it off during the most expensive hours. Hourly prices are obtained from Nordpool and are the official prices used by all electricity companies.

A: In principle, all types of electric heating can be controlled via the fuses. Electric radiators, convectors, floor heating, infrared heating and airborne heating are perfect to control via the Tempiro app!

For air-to-air heat pumps, you need to ensure that the heat pump starts up again automatically after a power cut.

We do not yet recommend the Tempiro thermostat control for geothermal, ground source or similar heat pumps. But you can still use Tempiro’s solution to remotely switch on and off these types of heating units and monitor their energy consumption via our app! You can also use scheduling to control what time of day the heating should be running or hourly price control that turns off the heat pump when the hourly price is high.

A: Tempiro offers advanced temperature control features, but you can use Tempiro’s Smart Fuses to control all kinds of gadgets – stove, oven, lighting, ventilation, water heater, electric car charging and more. You can also cut the power to several sockets at once e.g. when you leave home to save electricity.

Tempiro measures energy consumption per fuse and allows you to remotely schedule when devices should be turned on or off. You can also use hourly price control which turns off devices in the most expensive hours of the day, the number of hours you set.

A: The smart fuses measure the electricity consumption of each connected fuse. In-app charts give you detailed information on your electricity consumption, allowing you to reduce your electricity bill!

If a fuse blows and the power goes out, you will be able to see this via our app. You will more quickly detect power cuts that could lead to cold damage to your holiday home or spoil the contents of your freezer.

Our thermostat allows you to monitor the temperature in your home and helps you take care of your house!

A: Just by scheduling lowered temperatures when you sleep and when you are not at home, you can save 10% of the electricity consumption in your home. Using Tempiro’s Hourly Price Control, you can turn off your HVAC, electric heating and other gadgets when the hourly price is high. This gives you a saving of 10-20% depending on how you set up the hourly price control.

If you control your electric heating in your holiday home with the Tempiro app, you can keep the temperature lower when you’re not there, as you can easily raise the temperature before you go there and save thousands of dollars a year!

A: Yes, you can! We offer 4G modems for the system as an optional add-on. In addition, we offer an affordable 4G subscription for a low monthly fee.

A: The central unit keeps all the latest settings if the connection or power is lost. It continues to regulate the temperature even without an internet connection. And after a power outage, the system continues to work just as it did before the outage.

The button on the Central Unit is normally blue. It lights up red when the alarm is active. You turn the alarm on and off via the Tempiro app.

The yellow LED next to the button flashes yellow as it searches for a new device to add.

The yellow LED furthest from the button flashes yellow if the system has lost contact with the Internet. Check your Internet connection and any 4G modem.

A: Tempiros Smart Fuses fit type DII (Diazed) fuses, also called “plugs”. The Smart Fuses are rated for a maximum of 16 A, so they should not be fitted to 20 A or 25 A fuses.

For those with automatic fuses, Tempiro offers a solution with Smart Switches.

You can find our different packages here:

A: For those with automatic fuses, Tempiro offers a solution with Smart Switches.

You can find our different packages here:

A: Tempiro Smart Fuses are suitable for traditional fuse boxes available in the following countries:

Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria.

If you are unsure, send a picture of the fuse box to We are happy to help you!

A: Tempiro’s solution is completely wireless, making it very easy to install. Normally, the radio reaches about 20 meters indoors, but this depends on the construction and material of the walls. Concrete and metal have a negative impact on reach. We recommend placing the central unit near the fuse box and installing the thermostat within 10 – 20 meters of the central unit.

A: Tempiro Smart Fuses are easy to install yourself if you have “plugs” that you can change yourself, traditional fuses (type DII “Diazed”). This type of fuse is fitted in all Swedish houses built until about 1990, unless the fuse box has been replaced.

If you have an electrical panel with automatic fuses, Tempiro offers DIN-mounted relay units that need to be installed by an electrician. Contact Tempiro for more information!

A: The Tempiro app is available for download in both the Apple App Store and for Android phones in the Google Play Store.

A: You can download the Tempiro app on as many phones as you like free of charge. You must log in with the same email address and password on all phones to control the same system. You and e.g. your partner can share the same account to control the temperature in the same home.

A: If you want, you can only buy Tempiro Smart Fuses and use them in your existing Smart Home system. Our devices use the Zigbee HA 1.2 radio protocol and should show up as a Smart Plug in your system.