Reduce your electricity costs with Tempiro's Smart Control

Get rid of unnecessary energy costs

With the Tempiro app, you can for example schedule the lowering of the heating and the water heater. when you are at work or away from home. You can easily save 10% of your heating costs.

Reduce electricity use when electricity is expensive

If you have an hourly electricity tariff, Tempiro’s solution can automatically turn down the heating or schedule the water heater and other gadgets to turn off during the hours when electricity is expensive. You can choose the number of hours per day that e.g. the water heater needs to be on, and then the system selects the cheapest hours.

Turn off the water in your holiday home and avoid damages!

Shutting off water remotely with Tempiro's Water Switch

The Tempiro Smart Water Switch can be mounted on most shut-off valves and is controlled via the Tempiro app. You can install the unit yourself without a plumber or handyman. With the Tempiro app you can see if you have closed the valve and can close it with a simple tap in the app.

The actuator can also be used on other valves that you wish to control remotely for e.g.: – a water supply. to schedule irrigation.

Monitor your cottage with Alarms

Smart fire alarm

Tempiro’s connected Smart Fire Alarm monitors your home or cottage so you’ll know immediately if the smoke alarm goes off – no matter where you are.

Smart burglar alarm

We offer very affordable alarm packages that you can install yourself in your holiday home or residence. You can combine the burglar alarm with heating and energy control in the same package. The alarm has no monthly cost and you receive notifications via the Tempiro app if any sensor is triggered.

Tempiro Stove Guard - An innovative solution for increased security in the home

The Tempiro stove guard is a smart solution to avoid fire accidents caused by forgotten stoves.

The stove guard turns off the stove automatically after a pre-set time and can be easily controlled with a switch placed near the stove. What’s more, you can check the status of the stove and turn it off remotely, providing extra peace of mind. The Tempiro stove guard is a simple and effective way to reduce the risk of fire in the home.


Our solution makes your home smarter, more comfortable and more energy efficient

Tempiro’s solution has been developed within the E.ON agile business accelerator 2016. Our patent pending product aims to control electric devices that are connected through the smart fuses that we have developed, a world-changing innovation that can make your home smarter, more comfortable and more energy efficient.