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Tempiro Starter kit with 1 thermostat and 4 fuses

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With this package you can remotely control three radiators and a water heater or a 3-phase heating system and a water heater. Also suitable for controlling four elements with separate fuses.

The Smart Fuse controls an appliance on/off and measures the energy consumption of what is connected.
The thermostat controls the fuse when using temperature control, otherwise you can control the fuse on and off manually via the app.

Hourly rate control is included.
The system can reduce the temperature when the hourly price is high or turn off the fuse any number of the most expensive hours each day.

The package includes:

  • 4 Smart Fuses
  • A central unit
  • 1 Thermostat
  • The Tempiro app
  • Optional modem*

You can add additional fuses afterwards.

*You can also add a modem with or without a subscription if your home has no Internet connection.

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